• India Laubacher

Hotel Dry Mouth be Gone!

If you've ever stayed in any hotel ever anywhere, you may have noticed how dried out your mouth and nasal passages feel the following day when you wake up. This is due in part to the lack of humidity in the room, lack of proper airflow and lack of sufficient cleaning. The first time I brought my Rainmate with me I was skeptical to say the least that I would notice any difference in the slightest. To my great enjoyment the difference was obvious just in the time it took to unpack and return from dinner. Gone were the stagnant air and chemical cleaner smells from the hotel room when we first arrived. Instead we were greeted with a lovely fresh smell like after a summer rain. By placing it on the nightstand next to my bed everyone in the room woke up without sinus congestion, headache or feeling stuffy. Now we take the Rainmate on every trip or vacation. It's as essential as fresh clothes. Thanks Rainbow for making something that fits in my suitcase.

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