• India Laubacher

AquaMate to the Rescue

I believe my son was about 3 years old, we had 2 dogs at the time and every now and again my smallest dog would Bless us by scooting her but on the floor. My son was obsessed with pretending to be a dog around this time. So one day I come down the steps to the smell of something akin to full port-a-potty that's been baking in a dessert sun for a week. To my shock and disgust my son has removed his diaper and proceeded

to rub his butt across my floor leaving a 3 ft. trail of embedded feces in his wake. I pick up what little I can with a paper towel. Then I snapped together my AquaMate shampooer, with a quick prayer I go to work. Not even 5 minutes later the floor looks fabulous there is no trace of poo in my carpet or in my air. I did however notice that my newly washed section was far brighter looking then the rest of my floor so I ended up doing the rest of it the following day. When I was done those floors looked better then when we moved in.

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