Company Policy for COVID-19

During the current pandemic all products typically only available by in home demonstrations we will be making available for direst purchase while supplies last. The Rainbow cleaning system is capable of deep cleaning of air in your home and proven to remove 99.997% of airborne pollution. In conjunction with using a germ killing solution called Fresh Air, will disinfect any possible contaminants that may be present including viruses and bacteria. We will offer a discount on our Air cleaners 20%-50%  include a free 2 oz. bottle of Fresh Air concentrate.  All purchases of our Complete Rainbow system will be discounted 20% off of retail price and come with a free Rainmate table top air purifier and 16 oz. bottle of Fresh Air. During the outbreak we will also allow the purchase upfront of the table top air purifier and Fresh air solution while supplies lasts. We will arrange for the full demonstration to be completed after the risk has been reduced or eliminated and deposits returned or extra Rainmate. Call for details. 330-964-2020

At Cleaner Greener Ohio we strive to provide the best product with the best customer service for the best price.

Meet The Rainbow

Water Based Air Cleaner And Home Cleaning System

The Rainbow is a Certified Air Cleaner and more. By harnessing nature, the Rainbow uses water to trap dust, dirt, and pollution. It does not leak the dust, dirt, or germs back into the air and it does not clog to lose power as dry filter systems will.

  • The Rainbow is Cerified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

  • Certified as an air cleaner by independent testing from (AHAM) "The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers"


  • The Rainbow is also given the seal of approval by the Carpet and Rug Institute. 


The RainMate

The RainMate table top air purifier is one of the latest additions to the Rainbow family of products. Designed to freshen the room of your choosing about 200 sqft. It will remove pollutants that make you sneeze by running the air through a gentle bath of water. The sound created is similar to rain hitting your window pane. Valued at $200 the RainMate can be yours at  absolutely no cost. Speak to a representative today with any questions and let them know you want to receive a RainMate. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR $99 WITH A FREE 2 OZ. BOTTLE OF FRESH AIR GERM KILLING SOLUTION. 


So Why Choose a Rainbow?

It can help with

Indoor Air Pollution

There is only so much one can do about the air out side. Who is responsible for the air we breathe inside our home?


The majority of cleaning tools remove little to no dust or dirt in our home. Instead they push it from place to place. If we're going to invest our time, money and effort, shouldn't we get what we paid for?

Allergies and Asthma

We can all agree we breathe easier when they do, right? Currently 1 in 9 children are now diagnosed with asthma before reaching 18 years old. Cases of allergies and asthma have spiked by over 100% since the 1970's. Should anyone be forced to live without relief? 

Unnecessary Illness

We come in contact with a magnitude of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus spores all day. Why let them become house guests? 

Price & Longevity

The average home costs 20k to furnish. That's an investment we all want to keep. Over its lifetime, the Rainbow Cleaning System will do just that. 

Our cleaning systems

have been around since

1936 and aren't going anywhere. With state of the art technology the Rainbow could even last long enough to pass down to your children. How much would it save you to not replace a bed, couch,  floor or carpet just once?



Breathing Easy


"My wife used to suffer from sinus infections all year due to her allergies as well as take medication daily. The meds are now gone and she hasn't had a sinus infection since I bought it in 2012. We love our Rainbow!"

— Dan L.


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